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2016 Miami TD Bank CEO Competition Results

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Company CEO Name Industry Gender Total Time
Dedienne Aerospace Karel Volot Manufacturing Male 0:19:04
Biscayne Bay Pilots Geoffrey Pool Transportation Male 0:20:08
Diageo David De oliveira Manufacturing Male 0:20:15
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd Adam Goldstein Miscellaneous Male 0:20:29
INTRADECO Jaime Miguel Manufacturing Male 0:20:30
Lapin & Leichtling Brogan Abernethy Legal Female 0:21:09
Gunster Hugh Perry Legal Male 0:21:11
NOAA MIAMI Gregory Foltz State/Federal_Government_Employees Male 0:21:27
Mercedes-Benz of Coral Gables Greg Barnes Retail Male 0:21:28
ICO Uniforms James Turk Miscellaneous Male 0:21:33
Endodontix Dental Group, P.A. Anthony Alonso Health_Related/Hospital/Medical_Supplies Male 0:21:52
Operation Triple T Fitness Bootcamp Team Ian Cummings Health_Related/Hospital/Medical_Supplies Male 0:22:42
Visa Inc. Eduardo Coello Banking/Finance/Investments Male 0:22:48
Raymond James Van Martin Banking/Finance/Investments Male 0:22:50
Atkins North America, Inc. David Carter Engineering/Architecture/Building Male 0:22:56
Emphasys Software Mike Byrne Communication/Electronics/Computers Male 0:23:13
UBS International Coral Gables Juan Camilo Perez Banking/Finance/Investments Male 0:23:26
TMF USA INC. Jason Gerlis Miscellaneous Male 0:23:34
INKTEL CONTACT CENTER SOLUTIONS Ricky Arriola Miscellaneous Male 0:23:35
Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP Mark Heise Legal Male 0:23:40
John Moriarty and Associates of Florida Ronald Siemens Engineering/Architecture/Building Male 0:23:41
AmeriKooler Gian Carlo Alonso Manufacturing Male 0:23:43
Prologis Scott Gregory Real_Estate Male 0:23:59
UPS Americas Team Romaine Seguin Transportation Female 0:24:21
FirstService Residential Chuck Fallon Real_Estate Male 0:24:45
Vega & Oprandi Wealth Partners Roger Oprandi Banking/Finance/Investments Male 0:24:45
PricewaterhouseCoopers Tripp Davis Accounting Male 0:24:46
MSSmedia Michael Sheldon Advertising/PR/Marketing Male 0:24:50
Shiseido Group Augustin Bondonneau Miscellaneous Male 0:24:54
City of Coral Gables Craig Leen City_Employees Male 0:24:55
EXAN CAPITAL LLC Tomas Von Hartz Real_Estate Male 0:24:55
MAX BORGES AGENCY Max Borges Advertising/PR/Marketing Male 0:25:03
Key Point Academy Fernando Gatica Education Male 0:25:08
United States Bankruptcy Court Robert Mark State/Federal_Government_Employees Male 0:25:09
Ryder System Inc. Robert Sanchez Transportation Male 0:25:22
Kimley-Horn and Associates Todd Rubino Engineering/Architecture/Building Male 0:25:33
Menin Hospitality Jared Galbut Hotel/Restaurant/Food_Service Male 0:25:39
Ellsworth Law Firm, PA Sean Ellsworth Legal Male 0:25:44
Regional One, Inc Henry Gibson Transportation Male 0:25:53
EAC Consulting, Inc. Rick Crooks Engineering/Architecture/Building Male 0:25:57
LVMH Leonardo Ferracina Retail Male 0:26:07
ICG Eduardo Gross Communication/Electronics/Computers Male 0:26:12
United States Attorney's Office Wifredo Ferrer State/Federal_Government_Employees Male 0:26:12
US MED, LLC Zachary Schiffman Health_Related/Hospital/Medical_Supplies Male 0:26:26
Spectrum Brands, Inc Hartmut Junghahn Retail Male 0:26:27
JACKSON LEWIS PC Christine Wilson Legal Female 0:26:28
Plaza Construction Brad Meltzer Engineering/Architecture/Building Male 0:26:35
Ascendo Resources Eugene Holzer Banking/Finance/Investments Male 0:26:41
Golden Sands General Contractors John Fedele Engineering/Architecture/Building Male 0:26:55
United Data Technologies Enrique Fleches Communication/Electronics/Computers Male 0:27:00
McDermott Will & Emery Ira Coleman Legal Male 0:27:07
Kempler & Co. Ari Kempler Banking/Finance/Investments Male 0:27:09
Synergy Business Consulting John Kelley Miscellaneous Male 0:27:14
Mater Academy Elementary Cecilia Guilarte Education Female 0:27:22
BETA CAPITAL SECURITIES Noelia Povedano Banking/Finance/Investments Female 0:27:23
White & Case LLP Douglas Halsey Legal Male 0:27:26
Check Cashing USA Brian Socolow Banking/Finance/Investments Male 0:27:37
Dover, Kohl & Partners Victor Dover Engineering/Architecture/Building Male 0:27:39
Langan Engineering Roger Archabal Engineering/Architecture/Building Male 0:27:50
INFINITE WINDOWS LLC Esteban Kadamani Engineering/Architecture/Building Male 0:27:52
Knoll Inc Bill Hildebrand Manufacturing Male 0:27:53
Banco do Brasil Americas Cassio Segura Banking/Finance/Investments Male 0:27:59
SBLM Architects James Cohen Engineering/Architecture/Building Male 0:28:18
PRO DENTAL FAMILY CENTERS Arnaldo Iglesias Health_Related/Hospital/Medical_Supplies Male 0:28:23
Banco de Credito del Peru - Miami Agency Eduardo Benavides Banking/Finance/Investments Male 0:28:40
360 energy in motion Gabriella Scioscia Health_Related/Hospital/Medical_Supplies Female 0:28:41
The Palms Hotel & Spa Alfredo Barreiro Hotel/Restaurant/Food_Service Male 0:28:46
Concise Capital Management Thomas Krasner Banking/Finance/Investments Male 0:28:53
Black & Weintraub, P.A. Athena Black Legal Female 0:28:57
McKenzie Construction Gavin Mckenzie Engineering/Architecture/Building Male 0:29:03
Damian & Valori LLP Melanie Damian Legal Female 0:29:10
The Northern Trust Company John Fumagalli Banking/Finance/Investments Male 0:29:10
BaseFirma Inc. Fabian Alfonso Accounting Male 0:29:32
Intertek - PSI Juan Villegas Engineering/Architecture/Building Male 0:29:33
KW Property Management & Consulting Katalina Cruz Real_Estate Female 0:29:41
Greenback Supply, LLC. Richard Garcia Prada Banking/Finance/Investments Male 0:29:45
Ariadna Juan Pinzon Advertising/PR/Marketing Male 0:29:52
MedEye Associates Zach Segal Health_Related/Hospital/Medical_Supplies Male 0:29:57
Nemal Electronics Intl Inc Benjamin Nemser Communication/Electronics/Computers Male 0:30:11
Aviation Plus, Inc. Eddie Reaves Transportation Male 0:30:16
Willis Towers Watson John Haley Insurance Male 0:30:21
SeaLand Braulio Avalos Transportation Male 0:30:22
Berger Singerman LLP Anthony Carriuolo Legal Male 0:30:32
Georgian American Alloys, Inc. Daniela Rost Manufacturing Female 0:30:33
Netherlands Consulate General Nathalie Olijslager jaarsma State/Federal_Government_Employees Female 0:30:56
Hencorp Becstone Financial Services Raul Henriquez Banking/Finance/Investments Male 0:31:12
Validus Re - Talbot Jorge Beltran Insurance Male 0:31:17
305BROADCAST LLC Alfonso Lopez Communication/Electronics/Computers Male 0:31:21
Bast Amron LLP Jeffrey Bast Legal Male 0:31:26
Ten-X Kevin Spellacy Real_Estate Male 0:31:27
Booz Allen Hamilton I Betances Miscellaneous Male 0:31:30
Hernandez & Company, CPAs Armando Hernandez Accounting Male 0:31:36
Garcia, Espinosa, Miyares & Company LLC Emilio Miyares Accounting Male 0:31:40
Roca USA Jorge Torres Engineering/Architecture/Building Male 0:31:42
Thornton Construction Company, Inc. Thomas Thornton Engineering/Architecture/Building Male 0:31:46
Vme TV Eligio Cedeno Miscellaneous Male 0:31:52
nexogy Carlos Lahrssen Communication/Electronics/Computers Male 0:31:52
HB Roswell Realty Sep Niakan Real_Estate Male 0:32:09
Marquis Bank Javier Holtz Banking/Finance/Investments Male 0:32:16
Telefonica Business Solutions Angel Barrio Communication/Electronics/Computers Male 0:32:23
HRODCEI Hector Rodriguez Engineering/Architecture/Building Male 0:32:28
A Customs Brokerage, Inc. Gabriel Rodriguez Transportation Male 0:32:53
Windhaven Insurance Jimmy Whited Insurance Male 0:33:02
Dental Care Group Rick Mars Miscellaneous Male 0:33:03
H. W. Lochner, Inc. Edwin Mojena Engineering/Architecture/Building Male 0:33:04
Amadeus Hospitality Luis Segredo Hotel/Restaurant/Food_Service Male 0:33:22
Decorus Realty David Koster Real_Estate Male 0:33:33
Sony Pictures Tc Schultz Miscellaneous Male 0:33:47
Sun Bicycles Benjamin Joannou jr Miscellaneous Male 0:33:55
GESS Technologies Johnny Ferreira Communication/Electronics/Computers Male 0:33:55
Viceroy Miami Alex Novo Hotel/Restaurant/Food_Service Male 0:34:09 Wissam Amoudi Miscellaneous Male 0:34:19
Cima Group Juan Gomez Advertising/PR/Marketing Male 0:34:22
The Kislak Organization Tom Bartelmo Real_Estate Male 0:34:34
Kipu Systems LLC Tobias Franoszek Communication/Electronics/Computers Male 0:34:41
Link Construction Group, Inc. Guillermo Fernandez Engineering/Architecture/Building Male 0:35:00
Momentum Consulting Corporation Mayte Fernandez Communication/Electronics/Computers Female 0:35:01
Natcom Global Robert Rodriguez Advertising/PR/Marketing Male 0:35:03
Porsche Latin America George Wills Miscellaneous Male 0:35:11
Wells Fargo Community Bank Darren Steinbook Banking/Finance/Investments Male 0:35:11
Bolton Perez & Associates Jake Perez Engineering/Architecture/Building Male 0:35:17
Chronofy, Inc. Joseph Akar Retail Male 0:36:52
BROWN AND CALDWELL Albert Perez Engineering/Architecture/Building Male 0:37:06
OrthoNow Orthopedic Urgent Care Alejandro Badia Health_Related/Hospital/Medical_Supplies Male 0:37:29
3Z TELECOM and 3Z TOWER Enzo Dalmazzo Engineering/Architecture/Building Male 0:38:03
Weston Insurance Michael Lyons Insurance Male 0:38:03
All Inclusive Collection Rafael Chapur Hotel/Restaurant/Food_Service Male 0:40:00
Triumph Construction & Remodeling Claudia Pelaez Engineering/Architecture/Building Female 0:40:30
True Title and Escrow Paul Sardon Legal Male 0:40:54
Town of Miami Lakes Alex Rey City_Employees Male 0:40:57
Identidad Telecom Gabriel Sanchez Communication/Electronics/Computers Male 0:41:15
Avionica, Inc. Raul Segredo Manufacturing Male 0:41:42
Pronto Insurance Edwin Rivero Insurance Male 0:41:51
Goldman Properties Jessica Goldman Real_Estate Female 0:42:03
Miami-Dade County Commissioner Juan C. Zapata Juan Carlos Zapata County_Employees Female 0:42:03
KRFS-ALPS Miami Kathy Andrade Banking/Finance/Investments Female 0:42:59
Domino's Erick Ortiz Hotel/Restaurant/Food_Service Male 0:43:27
VectorGlobal WMG, Inc Carlos Gonzalez Villarreal Banking/Finance/Investments Male 0:43:33
Circuitronix/Sunair Electronics Rishi Kukreja Communication/Electronics/Computers Male 0:44:15
MV Group USA Manny Varas Engineering/Architecture/Building Male 0:44:39
Choice Engineering Consultants Carlos Francis Engineering/Architecture/Building Male 0:44:39
Cherokee Enterprises, Inc Gabino Cuevas Engineering/Architecture/Building Male 0:44:43
C.A.P. GOVERNMENT, INC. Carlos Penin Engineering/Architecture/Building Male 0:45:24
Tropical Financial Credit Union Mable Whitaker Banking/Finance/Investments Female 0:45:58
Eller-ITO Stevedoring Company, L.L.C. Chris Arocha Miscellaneous Male 0:46:07
MCWC John Medina Engineering/Architecture/Building Male 0:46:17
Miami Air International Jim Proia Transportation Male 0:46:19
Essence Corp Jean-jacques Bona Miscellaneous Male 0:46:46
Alsco Inc Domenic Colombo Miscellaneous Male 0:48:20
FR Aleman & Associates, Inc Yvette Aleman Engineering/Architecture/Building Female 0:48:21
The International Student Company USA LLC Leslie Costa Advertising/PR/Marketing Female 0:48:25
Easy Solutions Ricardo Villadiego Communication/Electronics/Computers Male 0:48:33
Soho Beach House Guy Chetwynd Hotel/Restaurant/Food_Service Male 0:48:50
City of North Miami Larry Spring City_Employees Male 0:49:28
Pinnacle Consulting Enterprises, Inc. Roland Rodriguez Engineering/Architecture/Building Male 0:49:35
Ser Latina Carolina Coulson Manufacturing Female 0:50:17
Health Foundation of South Florida Steven Marcus Non-Profit Male 0:51:34
ACTIUM LLC Giraud Philippe Miscellaneous Male 0:57:09
Turbana Corporation Juan Alarcon Retail Male 0:58:35
Amatheon and NextSource Biotechnology Robert Dicrisci Manufacturing Male 0:58:47
Pinta Mike Valdes-fauli Advertising/PR/Marketing Male 0:58:50
Levy Public Relations and Events Jessica Levy Kiibler Advertising/PR/Marketing Female 0:59:39
NewsLink Group Raymond Kayal Retail Male 1:00:55
Roberts & Durkee, P.A. Charles Durkee Legal Female 1:03:01
ML Miami International Dafna Klein Banking/Finance/Investments Female 1:09:10
Tabares Law, P.A. Jasiel Tabares Legal Male 1:15:00
FIU-BRIDGE Michelle Hospital Education Female 1:16:30